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Our pizza and pasta portions are enough for 2/3 children to share

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Free A4 Pappa Ciccia Kids Activity Sheet

This is a fun activity sheet we use in our restaurant 

Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Margherita (V) 12 inch
Classic & delicious with tomato & 100% mozzarella cheese
customise your extra toppings


Pepperoni Pizza

Classic 12inch Margherita with pepperoni sausage which is slightly spicy


Spaghetti Bolognese (Classic)

Made with a rich 100% beef and fresh herb bolognese/ragu sauce
with ciabatta bread on the side
Spaghetti Napoletana (V)

Spaghetti Napoletana (V)

Classic pasta with tomato, herbs, basil and ciabatta bread on the side
Customise your pasta shape
Penne Pasta with Meatballs

Penne Pasta with Meatballs

5 delicious meatballs made with 100% beef, garlic & herbs
in a tomato Napoletana sauce with ciabatta bread on the side

Risotto with Mixed Vegetables (V)

A deliciously satisfying dish enough for 2 to share
with ciabatta bread on the side

Ciabatta Garlic Bread

Our toasted ciabatta bread topped with garlic & herbs


Skinny Fries



Enough for 2 to share

Double Chocolate Brownie - Gluten Free

Just an amazing brownie, made by us with 70% dark chocolate.
May have trace elements of of Gluten. Enough for 2 to share
 Gelati - Ice-Creams

Gelati - Ice-Creams

Delicious Ice-creams 125 ml serving